Homemade chocolate spread

This one is so easy to make and simply delicious! It’s also low sugar and low carbs! WOW! And as if that wasn’t amazing already… you can make the exact amount the you want… so nothing goes to waste! Have I told you I love this recipe!?



similar amounts of each of the following

  • dark chocolate (the darkest you can find if you want it low carbs!)
  • butter (we usually make our own check recipe here)
  • double cream



  1. Add the chocolate and butter to a bowl that you can take to the microwave
  2. heat in the microwave for 30 seconds
  3. mix all well if you still have big chunks of chocolate that haven’t melted, heat in the microwave for another 30 sec, if you just have little pieces keep mixing until it melts.
  4. once all the chocolate is melted add the double cream and mix well.
  5. leave it to cool down to room temperature.
  6. we usually keep this at room temperature so it’s easy to spread, can’t tell you exactly how long it should last because ours has always ended before 3 or 4 days.



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